About Us

“Pasticceria” cake boutique was founded in 2005 and ever since has been known as a cozy and welcoming place where all our cakes are visually stunning, deliciously moist, exquisitely made and packed full of flavor. Keeping the best traditions our pastry chefs create unique handcrafted cakes turning them into true works of sweet art. As a result all our pastries are visually stunning and deliciously moist.
In “Pasticceria” you can order any cake with your own individual design for any occasion without any limitation!
Our cafe-boutique “Pasticceria” is situated at the bottom of the city centre. It’s truly worth visiting place, where you can taste the best coffee in the city with original selection of most delicious pastries – from homemade butter cookies, rich in filling croissants to daring in flavor macaroons…

Posted by Pasticceria on Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016